Call Backs

Happy Tuesday!


Thank you all again for attending our initial auditions.  Below are the names and times of people we need to see for callbacks tomorrow.  Please let me know if you cannot attend for any reason.  These will take place at the Performing Arts Center (PAC).  Remember, even if your name is not on this list, it does not mean you will not be cast.  Please be sure to check the cast list on Friday regardless.


7:00 pm

CJ Jennings

Christian Thomas

Madison Shoemaker

Rachel Lee Dominguez

Lily Pitts

Emma Ament

Dana Donovan Scheppele

Meta Judson

Seja Foster

Tabitha Holmes

Laurin Patterson

Jennaka Beartusk

Kayla Brennan

Leigh Schilling


7:30pm – add

Anton Alefteras

Nathan Williams

Ashley Williams


8:15pm – add

Thomas Popiel

Lexi Cooper

Matthew Corey

Chloe Tschetter

Kyle Fergus

Magnolia West


Everyone, please come prepared to dance and if you have tap shoes please bring them.  Thank you all and see you tomorrow.



Chae Clearwood


Spongebob: The Musical (BST)