Cast Lists

Yes, Virginia There Is a Santa Claus

My sincerest thank you to all who auditioned. Thank you for sharing your talents and taking risks. I wish I could have cast more people. The final cast list took days to sort out because of the level of talent. I know that not getting cast is discouraging, but please don’t let that keep you from trying again.

Please indicate by initials if at the theatre posting or responding to the Facebook post that you are accepting your part:

Aria Lund – Virginia

Ashley Milsop – Mrs. Goldstein  / ensemble

Christian Thomas – ensemble

Harper Anderson – ensemble

Jackson Mauch – ensemble

Josh Kostelecky – ensemble

Lindsey Kroll – Andrea

Luke Storey – James O’Hanlon

Madelyn Payne – ensemble

Maeve Storey – Julie / ensemble

Maxton Braun – Sean O’Hanlon  / ensemble

Mike Noble – ensemble

Rhys McManus – Maria / ensemble

Samantha Haan – Evie O’Hanlon

Scott Alexander – Mitchell

Tilly Heenan – Susan  / ensemble

Tyler Arneson – Frank Church

Tyler Williams – ensemble

“Ensemble” in this show is made up of all the other small parts, ten or fifteen more, which means that you may be playing four or five characters. This group will also be helping with radio sound effects as well.  In other words, there’s lots to keep everyone busy.

October rehearsals will be at the BST Performing Arts Center (PAC), 1644 1st Ave N.  Our first read-through will be Oct 3rd at 6:30. We will have introductions, go over the schedule, assign more actors to parts, and answer any questions. Parents are welcome to stay. I set up an email account for this production: There is also a Facebook group to which you will be invited.

If you don’t have a script already, you can pick up your script from the BST Box Office Tuesday-Friday 10am-4pm .

Bell, Book & Candle

Gillian: Autumn Bateman

Shep: Aaron Going

Miss Holroyd: Ashley Picard

Nicky: Amy Dixon

Redlitch: Casey Visser


It Shoulda Been You

Jenny Steinberg -Dana Donovan

Judy Steinberg – Norma Sitton

Murray Steinberg – Tom Singer

Rebecca Steinberg -Macy Goldberg

Marty Kaufman – Travis Keuhn

Georgette Howard – Elizabeth Alexander

George Howard – William Demaniow

Brian Howard – Colin McRae

Annie Sheps -Emmy Hart

Greg Madison- Cruz Martinez

Albert – Vint Lavinder

Walt/ Uncle Morty -Ray Dale

Mimsy/ Aunt Sheila-Billie Parrott

The Sugar Bean Sisters

Faye: Sarah Holm

Willie Mae: Kelli Bartholomew

Vidalia Sparks: Cassidy Pintozzi

Bishop Crumley: William Demaniow

The Reptile Woman: Lynette Ryder

Farce Of Habit

Wanelle Wilburn: Lynette Ryder

D. Gene Wilburn: Ray Dale

Maxie Wilburn Suggs: Sarah Holm

Jock McNair: William Demaniow

Jenna Sealy Wilburn: Cayla Braun

Ty Wilburn: CJ Jennings

Huddle Fisk: Curt Simpson

Sister Myrtle Agnes: Stephanie Humphrey

Barbara Stratton: Alyssa Melder

Brighton Beach Memoirs

Eugene Jerome – Graham Szudera
Stanley Jerome – Aaron Going
Kate Jerome – Ashley Milsop
Nora Morton – Mikayla Miller
Laurie Morton – Maggie Krug
Blanche Morton – Karyn Mehus


Murder on the Orient Express

Hercule Poirot – Ray Dale

Colonel Arbuthnot – Cruz Martinez

Mary Debenham – Cayla Braun

Mrs. Helen Hubbard – Sarah Holm

Mssr. Constatine Bouc – William Demaniow

Hector McQueen – Josh Conner

Michel the Conductor – Curt Simpson

Princess Dragomiroff – Jill Corcoran

Greta Ohlsson – Billie Parrott

Countess Andrenyi – Megan Grosso

Samuel Ratchett – Robert Bertrand

Head Waiter – Lynette Ryder



Driving Miss Daisy

Daisy – Rita Heizer

Hoke – Trabias Smith

Boolie – Shoots Veis



Jerry Finnegan’s Sister

Brian – Dylan Petit

Beth – Kassidy Rose Miller Petit

Rounding Third

Don – Byrl Skovgaard

Michael – Casey Visser


                               Hilda’s Yard

Hilda Fluck:
Lynette Ryder
Sam Fluck :
Josh Kostelecky
Gary Fluck :
Robert Bertrand
Janey Fluck :
Anna Holmes

Bobbi Jakes:

Sarah Holm
Beverly Woytowich : Doug Andersen



                    Terms Of Endearment

Aurora Greenway :
Jill Corcoran
Emma Greenway :
Cayla Braun
Garrett Breedlove :
Ray Dale
Patsy Clark :
Jana Linde
Flap Horton :
Cruz Martinez
Dr. Maise : Doug White

Frozen Jr.

Anna-Sophia Barthel

Elsa- Lindsey Kroll

Olaf- Chloe Tschetter

Kristoff- Dean Summers

Hans- Noah Woodring

Sven- Joshua Goudy

Young Anna- Madelyn Payne

Middle Anna-  Siera Flagler

Young Elsa- Ellie Chakos

Middle Elsa- Maisie Prinkki

King Agnarr- Vaughn Sheridan

Queen Iduna- Megan Zimmerman

Pabbie-Gabe Malek

Bulda/Dancer-Seja Foster

Oaken- Hayden Visser

Weselton- Christian Thomas

Housekeeper- Georgia Goldberg

Butler- Wyatt Westerman

Handmaiden- Hannah Jeppesen

Cook- Natalie Nelson

Steward- Kingston Ragsdale

Bishop- Steve Clark


Snow Dancers- ballet & Summer Dancers- tappers (also in all ensemble numbers)

Abby Crutcher

Brynn Barringer

Dora Steiner

Olivia Kusek

Scotlyn Krueger


Ensemble (Oaken Family, Hidden Folk, Villagers, Guards- To Be Announced at rehearsals)

Aaliyah Knight

Alexis Dvorak

Allison Massey

Andrew Bertucci

Ann Morgan

Ashlyn Sokoloski

Bethany Strong

Brennen Sunderland

Brooklyn Brownson

Caleb Robinson

Christian Cahill

Ella Barthel

Ellie Rookhuizen

Elsje Hudson

Evelyne Mackey

Izzy Schauer

Grace Schallenberger

Jaiven Parker

Jessiana Daniels

Joanne Ragsdale

Joseph Bertucci

Josie Brown

Kingston Ragsdale

Maci Yarina

Mackenna Kloeckner

Maddison Reich

Madison Warner

Olivia Hoppe

Olivia Johnson

Penelope Christian

Quinn Clark

Rachel Charney

Rachel Hudson

Riley Switzer

Sammie Stewart

Sloan Piltz

Sophie Douglas

Sophie Kroll

Trystin Soelter


A Christmas Story

Ralph Don Havig
The Old Man Ray Dale
Ralphie Noah Krumdieck
Randy Dylan Krieger
Mother Kathy Jeffers
Santa Clause Paul Miller
Miss Shields Ashley Milsop
Flick Maclayn Clark
Schwartz Liam Maroncelli
Farcus Mathew Lich
Grover Dill Colby Paul
Ester Jane Matilda Heenan
Helen Maisle Prinkki
Mary Beth Maggie Krug
Head Elf Isabella Zalinski
Kids/ Elves Izzabella Weber
  Erin Tucker
  Dominyk Weber

Murder For Two

Officer Moscowicz Sean Brogan
Lou and ….. Travis Kuehn

Young Frankenstein

Dr. Frederick Frankenstein CJ Jennings
The Monster Stuart Ross
Igor Dylan Petit
Inga Alyssa Melder
Elizabeth Benning Chae Clearwood
Frau Blucher Sarah Holm
Inspector Hans Kemp Cruz Martinez
The Hermit Curt Simpson
Dr. Victor Von Frankenstein Curt Simpson
Ziggy Noah Woodring









General Ensemble













Meagan Anne Norbury

Alyssa Melder

CJ Jennings

Cruz Martinez

Chae Clearwood

Olivia Kusek


Meagan Anne Norbury

Stephanie Byars

Cindy Walter

Reagan Bunting

Amber Welborn

Chere’ Anderson

Luke Marthey

Macy Goldberg

Cannon Krueger

Matthew Corey


The Ladies Foursome

Margot Lynette Ryder
Tate Kristi Osterlund
Connie Sarah Holm
Dory Liz Heald

Smokey Joe’s Cafe

Female Leads Alyssa Melder
Rachel Bonner
Wendy Carlin
Male Leads Fred Barthel
CJ Jennings
Kevin Schweigert
Kevin Cates
Austin Martin
Featured Dancer/Ensemble Billie Parrott
Michelle Guelff
Ensemble/Dancer Sophia Barthel


The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

Christopher Noah Woodring
Siobhan Cayla Braun
Ed Casey Visser
Judy Stephanie Byars
Mrs. Alexander Rita Heizer
Voice 1 Shannon Daniels
Voice 2 Robert Bertrand
Voice 3 Ashley Milsop
Voice 4 Aaron Going
Voice 5 Chere’ Anderson

Mamma Mia!

Sophie Alyssa Melder
Ali Jana Linde
Lisa Macy Goldberg
Donna Christie Arnold
Tanya Bonnie Shiels
Rosie Dana Donovan
Sky Austin Martin
Pepper Ben Birdwell
Eddie Stuart Ross
Harry Vint Lavinder
Bill Don Havig
Sam Pat Schindele
Father Alexandros TBA
Chorus/Dancers/ Ensemble
Olivia Kusek Lexi Cooper
Billie Parrott Tiffany Melia
Gus Goldberg

Be My Baby

John Campbell Shawn Bettise
Maud Kinch Pam Havig
Christy McCall Aaron Going
Gloria Nance Zoe Friez
Ensemble 1 Doug White
Ensemble 2 Lily Kraft

Peter Pan Jr.

Peter Pan Anastasia Hayes
Wendy Darling Hannah Jeppesen
John Darling Robby Brown
Michael Darling Maclayn Clark
Mr. Darling Dean Summers
Mrs. Darling Georgia Goldberg
The Fairies
Tinker Bell Madelyn Payne
Iridessa Aria Lund
Silvermist Kailey Elder
Rosetta Weslie Smith
Fawn Sammie Stewart
Lyria Abigail Hudson
Vidia Davy Falder
The Lost Boys
Cubby Caleb Robinson
Skunk Christian Cahill
Hop Christian Thomas
Fox Kingston Ragsdale
Racoon Twin Brennan Sunderland
Racoon Twin Jaiven Parker
Aaron Shoulis
Joseph Bertucci
James Wild
The Pirates
Captian Hook Theresa Goudy
Smee Gabe Malek
Scottish Jukes Rachel Charney
Cockney Flint Evelyne Mackey
Clubfoot Cookson Penelope Christian
Mean Murphy Joanne Ragsdale
Simpleminded Noodler Madison Warner
Sweet Skylights Sadie LaPlant
Ella Barthel
Evelyn Mackey
Riley Switzer
Kelsey Bushard
Julia Reger-Brown
Katelin Patterson
Lily Shore
The Indians
Chief Tiger Bamboo Noah Woodring
Tiger Lily Siera Flagler
Brave Pine Sophia Barthel
Brave Oak Chloe Tschetter
Brave Schrub Chloe Jurovich
Kassidy Casterline
Clara Oliveira
Alexis Dvorak
Ellie Chakos
Brookly Brownson
Grace Schallenberger
Amaya Morales
Tenli Morgan
Allison Massey
Abby Runsabove
Ivy Runsabove
The Mermaids
Aquata Monica Mertucci
Andrina Joelle Looman
Arista Rachel Dominguez
Atina Addison Benson
Adella  Annie Smith
Allana Grace Klein
Ellie Rookhuizen
Olivia Johnson
Emma Treglown
Addison Benson
Lexi Huck
Avalon Hughs
Maddison Reich
Meta Judson
The Animals
Nana Hayden Visser
The Corcodile Kylie Thomas

Elf The Musical

Buddy Jayme C. Green
Jovie Brianna West
Walter Hobbs Don Havig
Emily Sarah Holm
Michael Noah Woodring
Deb Billie Parrott
Manager Aaron Going
Greenway John Scheuring
Santa Jordan Shawver
Mrs. Santa Lynn Laubach
Chadwick Cannon Krueger
Matthews Jim McRae
Sam Lindsey Kroll
Sales Woman Olivia Kusek
Shwanda Aubrey Ryder
Charli Sophie Kroll
Elves/New York Children
Alexis Bleu Dvorak Anna Walsh
Cody Harper Matilda Heenan
Matthew Lich Miles Parrott
Aliana Padilla Chere Anderson
Cherrie McRae Crystal Enberg-West
Lily Anderson Madison Warner
Rebecka Bolerjack Samantha Haan
Samantha Jensen

Nana’s Naughty Knickers

Bridget Kassidy Miller
Tom Aaron Going
Sylvia Jane Van Dyk
Vera Rita Heizer
Schmidt Ray Dale
Heather/UPS#2 Stephanie Byars
Clair Mikki Wiggins
UPS #1 Jerrid Gray


Jack Kelly Joshua Conner
Crutchie Thomas Popiel
Davey Jacob Logan
Katherine Plumber Alyssa Melder
Les Noah Krumdieck
Race Cruz Martinez
Finch Seja Foster
Albert Theresa Goudy
Specs Carrick Hayes
Henry Dora Steiner
Romeo Caleb Lyda
Elmer Jessamyn Reichert
Mush Anastasia Hayes
Buttons Chloe Tschetter
Splasher Brianna West
Tommy Boy Brennen Sunderland
JoJo Olivia Kusek
Joseph Pulitzer Vincent Raye
Hannah Madison Ecker
Seitz Fred Barthel
Bunsen Jay Anderson
Medda Larkin Grace Pollard
Darcy Jay Anderson
Bill Dustin Cahill
Stage Manager Ryan Lofgren
Mr. Jacobi Susan Hayes
Mayor Ryan Lofgren
Governor Teddy Roosevelt Ray Dale
Spot Conlon Jordan Shawver
Wiesel Ryan Lofgren
Morris Delancey Cannon Krueger
Oscar Delancey Kenny Southgate
Nunzio Sarah Holm
Snyder John Scheuering
Featured Dancing Newsies
Seja Foster Olivia Kusek
Anna Walsh Abbey Johnson
Dora Steiner Clara Oliveira
Chloe Jurovich Sophia Barthel
Featured Tapping Newsies
Olivia Kusek Parker Boulet
Anna Walsh Abbey Johnson
Tenli Morgan Alyssa Logan
Chloe Jurovich Sophia Barthel
Seja Foster Dora Steiner
Clara Oliveira Kylie Thomas
Brianna West
Bowery Beauties
Sam Jensen Emma Ulrichs
Alyssa Logan Shaika Chevalier
Sarah Holm Susan Hayes
Macy Glodberg Ashley Milsop
Kassie Armer Caleb Robinson
Christian Cahill
Cody Harper Evan Steiner
Harrison Noble Elizabeth Paul
Christian Thomas Kassie Armer
Miles Parrott Rachel Charney
Tia Schlosser Madison Warner
Kelsey Bushard Caleb Robinson
Christian Cahill Crystal Enberg
Meagan Norbury Keatin Hertz
Alexis Dvorak Lindsey Kroll
Aubrey Ryder Macy Krumdieck
Azaria Jones Meta Johnson
Brooklyn Brownson Sammie Stewart
Dean Summers Weslie Smith
Eljse Hudson Annie Smith
Ella Barthel Isabella Zalenski
Julia Reger-Brown