Hilda’s Yard

Directed by Jim McRae
Hilda’s Yard Written By Norm Foster
▪︎When: December 8th and 9th 7:00 PM
▪︎Where: Billings Studio Theatre
1500 Rimrock Road
▪︎Roles Available:
▪︎▪︎Hilda: 50’s female
( mother to Gary and Janey)
▪︎▪︎Sam: 50’s male
(father to Gary and Janey)
▪︎▪︎Gary: 20’s to 30’s male
▪︎▪︎Janey: 20’s to 30’s female
▪︎▪︎Bobbi: 20′ to 30’s female
(Gary’s girlfriend)
▪︎▪︎Beverly: 30’s male
In one extraordinary day in 1956, a family has their son lose his job and move back home, has their daughter leave her husband and move back home and the father Sam, thinking that he and his wife Hilda are empty nesters and can start to live their OWN lives, buys their first television set. A poignant and funny look at how family dynamics don’t really change much over the years.
▪︎Rehearsals will begin after Jan 5, 2020
▪︎Hilda’s Yard performs Feb 28 thru Mar 14