Into The Woods Jr.
Call Backs

THANK YOU for the overwhelming talent everyone brought to auditions! We would have LOVED to have cast everyone, because each of you is unique and would be a great addition to any production!! That being said, I only have a small number of parts, but please do not be discouraged! Continue to audition and continue to learn and I hope you will come back again! We will be auditioning Newsies in May or June and Disney’s Peter Pan Jr in September. LOTS of great roles will be available this coming season!
Callbacks will be in the Green Room at BST (enter through the backstage door on the south side of the building) on Wednesday, April 11th. Please pay attention to the specific time you are called. We will do our best to stay on time, but some groups may need to stay later than posted. Thank you for understanding. Parents are welcome to stay, but the Green Room is small, so the only waiting area is in the hall or on the stairs.
Final cast list will be posted by Saturday, April 14th and we will start rehearsals Saturday, April 21st with a required Parent Meeting at 1:00-1:30 and a read through then music rehearsal 1:30-4:00. See everyone SOON!!

5:00PM – Jack – Please listen to “Giants in the Sky”
Jordan S Carrick H
Noah E Dean S
Hayden V
5:20PM – Little Red Ridinghood – Please listen to “I Know Things Now”
Chloe J Chloe T
Josephine B Seja F
Anastasia H
5:40PM – Wolf Mysterious Man – Please listen to “Hello Little Girl”
Carrick H Matthew C
Dean S Jordan S
Gabe M Seja F
6:00PM – Princes – Please listen to “Agony”
Jordan S Joseph B
Noeh E Austin D
Matthew C
6:20PM – Baker & Baker’s Wife – Please listen to “It Takes Two”
Jordan S Joseph B
Noah E Austin C
Matthew C Madison E
Monet B Sophia B
Theresa G Anna C
Emma U Abby S
Anna C
7:00PM – Cinderella/Rapunzel/C’s Mother – Please listen to “On The Steps of the Palace” & Rapunzel’s descending tune
Esabeau H Rachel D
Sophia B Emma U
Theresa G Alyssa L
Madison E
7:30PM – Witch – Please listen to “Stay With Me” & Opening Sections “Beans, Beans, Those Special Beans”
Josephine B Madison E
Elisha K Abby S
Monet B Sophia B
Theresa G Emma U
Alyssa L Olivia K