Dear Billings Studio Theatre Family, Friends, Patrons, Sponsors, and Volunteers.

All of us are aware at this point of at least a portion of the health, social, emotional and economic impact that the Covid-19 virus is having on all of us. We are all standing on shifting sands with the ever-changing guidance and recommended actions being suggested or mandated by our health and civic leaders. Billings Studio Theatre is thankful for their guidance as we all try our best to handle these trying times and situations to the best of our ability. BST is continuing to monitor these situations and the impacts which they have or may have on our organization and all who enter our theatre.

Prior to Sunday, March 15th, BST undertook rigorous measures to protect our patrons, actors, volunteers and staff by sanitizing all touched surfaces prior to each performance, providing the availability of sanitizer to all within the theatre. Those actions are a continuing portion of our protocol as Health and Safety measures remain a top priority. Due to recent updates through the CDC and our President in regard to the suggested number of persons in any gathering, and the State of Emergency declared by our Governor, as well as the recent decision of our local government to close all restaurants, bars and casinos as well as the suspension of on-site classes by MSU Billings, Rocky Mountain College and School Dist. 2, Billings Studio Theater will be canceling all rehearsals as well as changing the order of, or postponing the presentation of, the remaining productions and public performances in BST’s 2019-2020 season.

These changes are effective immediately and are outlined below with associated or estimated dates where known.

The course of action outlined is one that we have arrived at after much consideration for the health and safety of all. The last 4 days the BST staff and board have been meeting in an attempt to work out what we believe to be the best possible scenarios as we move forward addressing the Covid-19 concerns as they affect our Billings Studio Theatre family and community.


BST’s BOX OFFICE: Will be closed until further notice. Sales of tickets to all performances of all productions have been suspended for an estimated 8 weeks.

BST COSTUME RENTALS: Rentals of all costumes will be suspended until further notice.

IT SHOULDA BEEN YOU: Performances Moved to May 2020 with new performance dates to be announced. Rehearsals cancelled until March 29, 2020.

MATILDA: Moved to June Performances with new performance dates to be announced. Current Ticket holders will be contacted in 8 weeks to select new attendance dates. Ticket holders will be contacted in the order in which their tickets were purchased. Rehearsals cancelled until May 10th, 2020.

SUGAR BEAN SISTERS: To be moved to a future date beyond the 2019-2020 season

BILLINGS STUDIO THEATRE “ENCORE” An Evening to Benefit Billings Studio Theatre Fundraiser: Will be postponed to an undetermined date.

BILLINGS STUDIO THEATRE SUMMER SCHOOL/CAMP: Will continue as scheduled for the last full week of June. To register for the camp please email  with your Name, Address, Phone, and Email. A form will then be sent to you. BST WILL NOT be collecting payment until June 1, 2020. Information on the camp will be posted on our website shortly.

We know there are many questions; we hope this message has helped to address the core of these. Thank you in advance for your patience during these trying times. No one is unaffected. Please be kind and be patient as we all work together to find our way through the upcoming days.

A.J. Kalanick

Executive Director

Billings Studio Theatre


Welcome to Billings Studio Theatre

If you are a first time visitor, we hope that you will find this site inviting enough to visit us in person at our theatre located at 1500 Rimrock Road. If you are a regular at BST, we hope this site serves to keep you informed on what is happening at the theatre.

For over 60 years friends and strangers have gathered through Billings Studio Theatre to research, read, rehearse, build, sew, promote, produce and perform in productions that have so touched the souls of our patrons that they have returned year after year to see what is next in our ever growing slate of memorable performances.

We have toiled, laughed and cried together, becoming friends, as we have built a theatre that has continued to grow, stretch and serve the needs of the community.  Everyone associated with Billings Studio Theatre feels that the arts make a community a better place to live. We strive every day to improve our community by giving back in the best artistic way we know how.

BST is a volunteer based community theatre. We are constantly searching and opening our arms to new ideas, new works, and new recruits. We are glad that you have found our home. We invite you to join our family. If at any time you may have a question, please stop by the theatre or give us a call.

Once again, welcome to our home, Billings Studio Theatre, Your Community Theatre.

A.J. Kalanick
Executive Director
Billings Studio Theatre