The Foreigner

April 20, 2017 – April 30, 2017 all-day

Directed By A.J Kalanick

By Larry Shue

Cast List

Charlie Baker Ray Dale
Froggy LeSuer Robert Bertrand
Betty Meeks Sondra Baker
Reverend David Evan Ulrich
Catherine Simms Kassidy R. Miller
Ellard Simms Cruz Martinez
Owne Musser John Scheuering
Town Folk Hannah Fortney
Kylie Eckardt
Brian Idstron
Darlynn Smart
Dave Johnson

      Froggy and Charlie are guests at a fishing lodge in rural Tilghman County, Georgia. The shy Charlie agreed to accompany Froggy on the trip after his sick wife begged him to go. when people at the lodge try to talk to Charlie, however, he remains silent: terribly shy and depressed about his wife’s illness, he cannot find the words to reply. Froggy clams that Charlie cannot talk because he is a “foreigner” form an exotic country and doesn’t understand English. Taking the explanation as fact, the lodge’s guests quickly begin revealing their secrets, and Charlie soon discovers scandals amongst some of the residents of the lodge.

The Foreigner performs April 20, 21, 22**, 23*, 27, 28, 29** and 30*, 2017
* Denotes Matinee ** Denotes Both A Matinee and Evening Performance

Show Times:
Thursday, Friday, Saturday: 7:30 PM (Doors Open At 7:00PM)
Saturday & Sunday Matinees: 2:00 PM (Doors Open At 1:30 PM)

Tickets Go On Sale:
To Season Ticket Holders March 21, 2017
To The General Public and On-Line Sales March 28, 2017

Ticket Prices:
Adults: $20.00
Student/Senior: $18.00